This service is a project run by the team at Boundless Innovation Proprietary Limited.

● Special thanks to Splewis for making the amazing plugin Retakes and to all our volunteer admins and sourcemod coders who make our community possible. ●

Privacy Policy (Legal stuff)

When you use our website and services we do store some information about your computer through cookies, steam and any accounts which you use with our services. This may include but is not limited to your IP address, steam ID and last time of access. This information is used to create the ranking system that we use for matches, to exclude highly disruptive players and to load balance our services. Some information collected may be disclosed to other parties through the online ranking system, this information includes but is not limited to your steam profile page, the amount of time you have played and your rank. Updates to the privacy policy will be viewable on our website. You have the right to request the removal and exclusion from our services however as the information is automatically gathered you will not be able to continue using our services.